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Choreography Competition 10 Sentidos

May 9-10th, 19:30h
Espai Rambleta

The Choreographic Competition 10 Sentidos has become a reference among choreographic competitions in Europe for emerging creators from the national and the international scene. The Festival 10 Sentidos organizes this competition as part of a program that aims to gather together new talents and renowned artists. Every year, the competition receives about 300 proposals from all around the world. The Festival team selects 10 finalists based on the quality, newness and particularity of the works, their own choreographic discourse but also their relationship with the Festival’s theme, which in this edition 2018 is Invisibles.

The ten selected choreographers will show their work at Espai Rambleta and a professional jury formed by Àngels Margarit, Director of Mercat de les Flors (Barcelona); Assen Assenov, Director of ONE Foundation for Culture and Arts (Bulgary); Laura Kumin, Director of Choreographic Competition of Madrid; Mar Jiménez, Coordinator of the Festival Dansa València; Aja Jung, Director of Belgrade Dance Festival (Serbia); Anders Beyer, Director of Bergen International Festival (Norway); and Fons Dejong, Programmer of Theater aan het Vrijthof, Maastricht (Netherlands), will decide the winner.

The Choreographic Competition 10 Sentidos has the support of Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) through its PICE Grants (Program for the Internationalization of the Spanish Culture) in the line of Grants for Visitors.

The audience of the Choreographic Competition 10 Sentidos will be able to vote for their favorite proposal as part of the Public Award.

In addition, professionals of the performing arts sector, such as Gaston Core, Director of Sala Hiroshima (Barcelona); Leo Santos, from the Institut Valencià de Cultura; Pep Pla, Artistic Director of Festival TNT (Terrassa); Pepa Cases, Festival Vila Real en Dansa, María González, Director of Mes de Danza (Sevilla); Narcís Puig, Artistic Director of Temporada Alta (Girona); and Ada Vilaró, Director of Escena Poblenou (Barcelona), will attend the choreographic competition and they may support or include some of the works in their festivals or cultural programs.

DAY 9th

Tagirov Ildar – Republic Mari El (Russia)
Title: Monologue
Dancer: Tagirov Ildar

Sometimes we open ourselves to this world, we become “vulnerable” but with time we understand that it might be better to hide and close ourselves in order protect ourselves from all the evil in the world. There comes a time when you feel yourself on the edge of patience and you go to people and request faith, ask for love and you scream to people “Stop”! No one cares about our emotions and our soul, no one likes justification. Life is stronger than us and will do with us whatever it wants, but we have to fight!

BDblaq Dance / Rikkai Scott – London (United Kingdom)
Title: Sense
Dancers: Rikkai Scott, Ashley Goosey
SENSE is a narrative piece exploring how powerful the human senses become in a person who is blind. It is supposed that the remaining are heightened in the absence of vision; for example, the awareness of sound becomes heightened. With music by Jean Pierre, special artists rooted in tap, hip hop and contemporary dance and inspired by The Royal National Institute of Blind People. BDblaq Dance uses a fusion of tap and contemporary dance to provoke a raw emotional connection with an audience. The piece illuminates character and story through dynamic, textured duet choreography.

Kristian Lever – Hamburg (Germany)
Title: Wool over eyes
Dancers: Alba Nadal, Tobias Praetorius, Sebastian Kloborg
Wool over eyes is based on the old English expression “to pull the wool over someone’s eyes”, meaning to trick, tempt or misdirect someone especially to
gain a personal advantage. Ever since a young boy, I heard my father using it
and it always stuck with me for being a rather interesting expression. After
listening to the music from Alec Roth which is filled with excitement and thrill yet has a certain layer of discomfort, it triggered the idea of creating a piece with a touch of a thriller. Two individuals whom persistently trying lure or fool someone. I did not want to create a direct storyline, however I’ve strived to create an atmosphere with suspension and excitement through complex physicality, musicality and composition.

Cia Dunatacà / Sybila Gutiérrez – Elda (Spain)
Title: Mujer
Dancer: Sybila Gutiérrez
Who is always the same person? I am many, and at least today I want to show you various versions of the woman I inhabit. It is very difficult to me to show you my guts, tell you my story, because it is there when you will see me truly naked. Sometimes I wear a “suit” to survive, a dress of voices of adverts and mothers. Other times I show myself vulnerable in intimacy. Perhaps today I decide to say enough, to be what it cannot be, to walk with my own feet. A journey between showing oneself or not, between wearing that “suit” or breaking it.

Alien Express / Natasa Zavolovšek – Ljubljana (Slovenia)
Title: Our friends Tony
Dancers: Zigan Kranjčan, Gašper Kunšek
“Tony is our friend. An Alien in Alien Express. He is in trio the one who makes the duet. The leader with his sharp choreography. We are just followers, believers. As a dancer, he mastered the skills of flying and changing in the infinite dance. He is the one dance that we all are dancing, he told me…” In this performance, the Alien Express duo is focusing on communicating with, or making visible, something which is not there. An imaginary friend. With choreographed imagination in space/time, the dancers are together exploring the potential of contact improvisation and communication until the point when you ask yourself if Tony is in fact right there.

DAY 10th

Masami Fukushima – Halberstadt (Germany)
Title: Waragh
Dancer: Masami Fukushima
More than a year has passed since there was a big earthquake in Kumamoto,
Japan. I had the opportunity to dance in that country, I thought about a
choreography with restoration and hope. The title Wragh is overlaying Japanese laugh and English laugh. I tried to bury a lot of sorrow and despair with laughter and composed this work. Bellow is what is saying that ,3,9,6,10,17 Misamakoneko Reality or Dream and Gap. laugh, don’t laugh Nothing ,38 forget, don’t forget There’s something 233 ahaha 233 hihihi 233 ehehe 233 fufufu 233 ohoho 233 233 233 233 233 Alexandre Fandard – Paris (France)

Title: Some Remain So
Dancer: Alexandre Fandard
In Some Remain So Alexandre Fandard explores the radical otherness that lives inside each of us. Inspired by Samuel Beckett’s quote, “We are all born crazy, some remain so”, this poetic piece is an exploration of the physical body through psychological madness.

Nicole Caruana – New York (United States)
Title: Saudade
Dancers: Rakeem Hardy / Sully Malaeb Proulx

This work is motivated by the quest for pleasure and how it can come from both struggle and serenity. At our core, we are vibrational joy – yet the societal conditioning of our politically charged environments can cloud the true meaning of our lives. Saudade peers behind the illusion of separation between beings and reveals the unity that we are all apart of. It speaks through nonverbal communication in its simplest form. It is my hope that this work brings solace to those who ache from matters of the heart and body and instead heal them holistically as one governing force. We do this in movement and hope to bring the audience on a vicarious ride. I am interested in challenging physical exertions, fantasies within the body, and cultivating the inner storyteller of each of my collaborators.

Louis Thuriot and Borna Babić – Groningen (Netherlands)
Title: Peeping Eye
Dancers: Louis Thuriot, Borna Babić
The choreography points out the blindness towards each other in our society. Each living being has their own individual story to tell. Everybody is unique and has a desire to communicate it with others. But the modern perception of time causing stress and the new technologies make those stories disappear in the ignorance of our society. This piece shows you what happens when we would open our eyes for a moment to the living others around us.

Denis Santacana Compañía de Danza – Bilbao (Spain)
Title: Encuentros
Dancers: Victor Fernández, Denis Santacana
Lost among the people I observe the branched drawing of what it is left on my feet. I fill up my glass and I return the look to the reflection. I imagine a parallel reality in which that figure this time has taken other decision. Slowly, I spill the liquid and the drawing has changed again. Mentally desiring all my movements, obsessed by the idea of each small action, each decision, each encounter, may mean the start of an uncountable quantity of ways. I put the glass down and I see myself at the same starting point. What is the right decision? Perhaps it is the moment of letting myself go.