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Rocío Molina

Impulso (Confesión de la carne)

There is a small territory or perhaps it is an instant where the creative act is native, limpid and wild. Where the mind did not begin to question, nor the ego to fear, nor expectation to settle on the shoulders. A free time, intimidating because it is not domesticated, because it is only pulsation, nameless energy, dramaturgy with only a knot, pagan communion of body to body, dance without oath. Rocío Molina takes in this heartbeat and, aware of its fragility, shares it with the audience, in a sort of looking at the workshop behind the curtain and being a participant in the process of the artistic search. The Impulsos are unique encounters, nourished by the present, which are a journey through improvisation and research. They unfold in non-stage spaces where the substantive spectator is broken down to become a travelling companion. Singular places that host this delicate manifestation, this offering of being a pulse that has just been born.

Dace: Rocío Molina

Sound Space: Derek Van Den Bulcke

Soprano: Olalla Alemán

Flamenco Singer: Gema Caballero

Costume Design: with the special collaboration of Leandro Cano

Photography: Pilar Lozano Iglesias (Plástico Cruel)

Graphic Design: Julia Valencia

Lighting technician: Antonio Serrano

Sound technician: Javier Álvarez

Executive management: El Mandaito Producciones S.L.