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May 12th, 11:00h-19:00h

Plaza del Ayuntamiento

“The children have disappeared from our cities. If they come back to play in the streets, that will make the cities safer”. Francesco Tonucci.

Many times the children feel invisible, they are not taken into account. And at the same time, although it feels contradictory, there is an excessive obsession to overprotect them, in a way that it has been denied for them their autonomy to play, go out to the streets, hiding from the adults. Let’s give back to the childhood its vital and autonomic space. Let’s create a space that gives visibility to their real necessities and let them take their own decisions through a free game, not conditioned. For that we will appropriate of the Plaza through an itinerary where they will decide when and how they play.

Arquilecturas is an educative project from which we design didactic contents to approach architecture to children. Recognizing the space we live in, provides us of safety. The architecture is present, and the perception that we have of it conditions the way of connecting with the surroundings. It is stimulated our spatial curiosity, our imagination, the power of observation and exploration. When we learn to observe what is surrounding us from the perspective of the architecture, the way is more understandable for us, and the active understanding of it makes it easier to develop the creativity. We work with a design methodology. The model of Arquilecturas follows the understanding of the architectonic atmosphere that surrounds us through creativity, the discovery and the experimentation. If it is not the own child the one who makes the questions there is not significant learning.

We are convince that understanding the architecture is learning to think.

Idea and Stage Management: Silvana Andrés and Sonia Rayos (Arquilecturas)

Stage Space Design: Arquilecturas

Company Web:  www.arquilecturas.es

Social Networks of the company: