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Buscando la voz de Nin

Elma Sambeat

11th May/ 5:30pm and 7pm

Plaza del Ayuntamiento

The Valencian singer Elma Sambeat presents this personal project, with songs translating her feelings towards certain issues such as migration, feminism, childhood safeguard… Her creations convey a spirit of conciliation between cultures. With an underlying Mediterranean sound, her songs are made up of a stylistic mix, the same way we are made up of a culture mix. Her  lyrics are between Valencian and Spanish, the two languages she has grown up with. The program closes with some popular songs related to the language. The voice raises as the messenger of the unavoidable messages we must face.

Elma Sambeat is a versatile Spanish artist specialized in music and theatre. She has a BA in Art and classical singing training, and in her 15 years of experience she has developed her own technique based on the “ancestral singing”. From classical singing to jazz, from Latin American folklore to traditional Mediterranean music. Elma studies in depth every style she can and makes it her own with an uncommon excellence and sensitivity.

“Self-taught and passionate, I feel my career is just beginning. I don’t want to specialize in any style. I love the mixture of things and art is a very fertile field where you can grow what you like best. Performing art is art in action, a live creation, and for me a constant search for beauty. I love theatre and music, and I need them to be able to breathe. I can’t conceive my life without them. The main element is the audience: the anonymous observer, voyeur of my intimacies translated into shout, song, explosion; wonderful voyeur that I expect to move.”

Idea and Direction: Elma Sambeat

Main actors: Elma Sambeat (voice), Vicent Colonques (piano)

Music: Elma Sambeat

Costumes: Anna Molins

Distribution and Production: Xema López

Media: Tonín Sambeat

Website: http://www.elmasambeat.com/