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Certamen Coreográfico 10 Sentidos

May 18th / Morning from 11am-2pm, Afternoon from 4pm-7pm

La Nau

Created in 2015, the Choreographic Competition 10 Sentidos has become one of the main projects of the Festival 10 Sentidos. Each year, 10 choreographers (from more than 300 submitted proposals from all over the world) are selected by the artistic directors of the Festival, with the purpose of highlighting new formats and offering new perspectives in contemporary dance. The Festival, in its commitment to offering a cultural program which brings together established artists and new talents, has transformed this choreographic event into a referential platform for promoting the work of emerging choreographers from all continents.

In 2019, 10 powerful proposals will take part in the competition. Quality and innovation, but also the link of the selected pieces with the theme of this edition, Beasts, will define the event.

 The jury members of this edition will be: Valentina Marini, Spellbound Contemporary Ballet (Italy); Marie Brolin-Tani, Black Box Dance Company (Denmark); Claudio Kogon,  Suzanne Dellal (Israel); Maria Carmela Mini, Artistic Director from Festival Latitudes Contemporaines; Roberto Fratini, dramaturgist and teacher at Institut del Teatre; Cristina Alonso, head of  Danza Graner – Mercat de les Flors; and Mónica Pérez, programmer of Teatre Principal de Palma de Mallorca. The jury will decide the awareded choreographic proposal. In addition, the audience will vote for the Audience Award.

Finally, on its purpose of working as a platform to impulse new choreographers, national and international artistic directors of festivals and theatres and dance professionals will be invited to attend the competition. This edition, they are Ana Díaz, Mar Jiménez, Leo Santos and Sabela Mendoza.

El Certamen Coreográfico 10 Sentidos has the support of Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) through its Program for the Internationalization of Spanish Culture (PICE) in the modality of Visitors. 

Purnendra Meshram


Chhattisgarh, India

Purnendra Meshram, Pradeep Gupta

15 min

This piece is an abstract depict of two men and their relationship. The individual dilemma comes up even though there is an invisible magical emotional connection between them. They look for something similar and try to get over each other. Somehow, they learn to stay bonded through their differences and conflicts. Through the abstract movements this piece shows their struggle, ups and downs, competitiveness, conflicts of life, togetherness, connection, success, failure, support, control, fight, etc. 

Spoken Movement


London, United Kingdom

Catrina Nisbett, Kwame Asafo-Adjei, Ashley Goosey, Jack ‘Hobbit’ Hobbs, Victoria Shulungu , Jordan Douglas


Family Honour is a concept that follows a young girl trapped in her mental state, confronting her past sin against tradition. Abandoned by her father she seeks solace from entities that resemble her father. We look at the relationship between the characters within the piece and focus on the transition in memories by challenging the concept of religion versus business, is it separate? And how does this effect a father and daughter’s relationship.

Abarukas / Yoshito Sakuraba


New York, USA

Sean Nederlof


This solo is inspired by Thomas Dylan’s famous poem “Do not go gentle into that good night” written in 1951: “Old age should burn and rave at close of day; rage, rage against the dying of the light.” 


Roni Chadash


Tel Aviv, Israel

Roni Chadash


“I try to shed what I’ve learned, I try to forget the way I was taught to remember. And scrape off the ink they painted my senses with. Unpack my true emotions. Unwrap myself to be me, a human animal created by Nature” Fernando Pessoa


Roni Rotem


Tel Aviv, Israel

Michal Rotman, Noam Deutsch, Roni Rotem


This work, a trio for three female dancers, explores the stereotypes of man in the modern world and how he is perceived when he deviates from what is expected –when he breaks down, shows his feelings or expresses weakness–. In MEN TO BE, Roni and her dancers try to inhabit the male body, to explore the physicality, gestures, posture, gait and habits of men.


Jerahuni Movement Factory


Zimbabwe, Africa

Mclntosh Jerahuni


This solo conceptually derives from Zimbabwe’s Chinhoyi Caves. Physical projection/execution through created and structured improvised movements which influence physical distortion as form according to existing created environment. Audio from recorded soundtrack and spoken text to convey atmospheric artistic intentions. These are all fuss to one artistic meaning in communication with a new audience and to depict oneself aesthetic development. This work collaborates with young local artists to develop their artistic skills by engaging in making of costume designing, music composition, art administration, marketing and directing.

Attila Andrasi


Budapest, Hungary

Attila Andrasi

Sound and Music Designer: Gabor Csongradi


During the performance I am trying to play with pure simple things, like the movement of an infant or the growth of plants. In the middle part, I work with the idea of the growth of a child. In this part I play with the atmosphere of childhood. The third part is about the human sexes, roles and races. The forth and the final part is about the human action and power – this power I used to go into a kind of fairity character.


Thibaut Eiferman

H H H 

Paris, France

Omri Arviv, Thibaut Eiferman, Minouche Van de Ven


H H H stands for Hand, Heart and Head. Without these we are nothing but skin, flesh, and bones. If we let it, the world will shape us how it wants. In order to stay true to ourselves, we honor our efforts to resist. It was developed at the Batsheva Dance Company annual choreographic workshop.


Mucha Muchacha


Madrid, Spain

Ana Botía, Marta Mármol, Belén Martí Lluch, Marina de Remedios


“I am a woman. And a warm warmth shelters me when the world hits me. It is the warmth of the other women, of those who made of life this sensitive, fighter corner, with soft skin and tender warrior heart” Alejandra Pizarnik

Mucha Muchacha works from contemporary dance and Spanish dance, and pushes them into a critical state due to their capacity for transformation and dialogue with other arts. VOLUME 1 is a declaration of intent around movement, community, femininity and ritual.


Marina Miguelez – Dance Craft


 Málaga, Spain

Marina Miguelez


Inspired on Marco Antonio’s monologue, by William Shakespeare. With a physical theatre approach, it digs into the origin of the most pure feeling of revenge after a great loss. A merely human emotion that can corrupt anything, creating a great and inevitable transformation. This work is the seed of the proposal accepted by the Residencias Coreográficas programme of the CND, where it is currently being developed towards the creation of a complete work: VERSUS, of 50 min, performed together with Raquel Salamanca Santaella.