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Dancers. Proyecto de Transmisión + Bailarina

Sonia Gómez

May 6th, 20h

Centre del Carme

Dancers. Proyecto de Transmisión. LABORATORIO-TALLER

In DANCERS I propose to performers, artists and those interested to do different versions of the solo Bailarina. I want to do again the solo Bailarina, a show I know very well and to the one I profess certain status of magnificence, but that creates me many questions. In a proposal full of irony because it tries to turn a modest solo into a show of repertoire, it is what happens to the great pieces, there are different versions, they are updated and, in some way, the original is destroyed. Bailarina is not a great piece, by no means, but it follows the desire of utopia that makes it risky and dangerous.

DANCERS is a project of transmission-creation where in a practical and theoretical way we do a journey through the solo Bailarina across the eight movement patterns that make the piece. The participants encode these eight patterns of abstract movement with their resources, their scenery tricks, discoveries, impossibilities and models.


In the last years, inside the process of researching-creating of the project Bailarina, I have asked myself how to do a dance show today, from the creative contents, the performance and the relationship with the audience. Bailarina explores in a personal, simple and minimalist way how to do a show with only one performer, going without a team, set, light design or a special floor. The piece is a detailed journey across the performance, the making of a show and the proximity with the public, and the result is an unplugged scenic danced.

Sonia Gómez (La Sénia, Tarragona, Spain) dancer, performer and choreographer, she studies contemporary dance and choreography in Intitut del Teatre in Barcelona and in P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels, Belgium.

Since 2004 she creates her own shows and performances.

Sonia Gomez’s discoveries are shown in multidisciplinary staging, going through an arc of languages, esthetics and references very extended and varied.

A work that has as thematic axes the identity construction, but it has also the discovery of certain social impostures through the art and the art impostures through the performances, that, in the case of Sonia Gomez, are public, opened and social acts.

Idea and Stage Management: Sonia Gómez

Dramaturgy: Sonia Gómez

Music: Jon Hopkins

Wardrobe: Emily

Stage Space Design: Emily

Distribution and Production: Sonia Gómez

Company Web: www.soniagomez.com