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Día Internacional de los Museos

Dj H4L9000

May 18th, 20:30h

Centre del Carme

Dj, promoter, music journalist, and other sides that he has carried out throughout his career, this music activist, as he defines himself. His relationship with the music starts in the journalist media. Developing his work in radio, TV and written press. Since the 90’s until now he has collaborated in fanzines and musical magazines: Sueños de Alcanfor, Wah Wah, Mondo Sonoro, AB, Punto H, Contrastes, A little Beat, have been some of them. However, maybe his most relevant contribution has been the book La Historia del Rock en la Comunidad Valenciana. On the radio he has worked for Radio 9 and +Radio in the programmes Al teu ritme and Antenna, and for television he worked in the programme Colp d’ull of the autonomic valencian television, Canal 9. But the most known side of Hal 9000 is beinga Disc Jockey, which he has done since 1996. His style has always been characteristic for the fusion of organic elements and electronic ones. From 1998 to 2001 he was a resident DJ in Sala Roxy, in Valencia. From the year 2001 he is part of the resident team of DJs in the valencian club, Le Club. One of the model clubs in the electronic music panorama in Spain, which has been awarded in 2006 as the best vanguard music club. Between 2009 and 2013 he was promoterand residen DJ in Sala Excuse me? in Valencia. His sets have been able to be listen to in festivals as Sonar, Intertecno, Foc in Festival, Elektra, Observatori o Festival Este. Finally, his musical activism has led him to alternate his DJ side with the other side of being a producer and musical promoter. As producer he has worked with his brother in the making of adverts jingles and television, and they have composed the Soundtrack of the film Dripping. As musical promoter he has been since 1999 programming and assisting different festivals, as Observatori, Ciberart, Festival Este. Currently he manages the Festival de Exploración Audio & Vidual Volumens.