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Gospel for the Present Time

Camille Voyenne

11th May / 12:15pm

Plaza del Ayuntamiento

How thinking about our human condition in the middle of the sound and fury of our cities, our hyper connected world which doesn’t take time to stop and reflect?

How growing up while we are disconnected to our natural pattern?

How feeling total and free when contemporary civilization channels our animal power? With this performance, I want to reconnect with the elements: to feel, to touch, to hear. Recovering primitive instinct, going back into my senses. I want to become a part of this nature: clay, water, soil, flowers will overlap me; like Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s pictures. I want to abandon my ego, to faint on the floor, being disoriented, sensual, chaotic, animal.

At the end of 2015, Charles Meillat, Yann Slama, Marion Guilloux, Marin Peylet, Melodie Alves, Camille Voyenne decided to create the collective CHAMP LIBRE. A collective for several reasons: the advocacy of common artistic values, the centralization of various skillsets, the desire to manage an artistic residency space and the determination to launch a successful festival of emerging artistic creation in the French region of Limousin: the Festival Champ Libre.

CHAMP LIBRE is made of directors, actors, musicians, stage managers, a playwright, a photographer and video editor, an illustrator…

Together they created 3 shows and 4 performances played in France and internationally (Spain, Italy, Bangladesh, England…).

Concept and direction: Camille Voyenne

Dramaturgy: Marion Guilloux

Choreography: Camille Voyenne

Performers: Camille Voyenne, Charles Meillat

Costume Design: Melodie Alves (conception of the floral crown)

Production and distribution: Champ Libre

Press and communication: Yann Slama (pictures)

Website: www.festivalchamplibre.com