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Jaume Ibáñez

La Juventud Baila

Youth dances, but where to? At the square of the festival… What is youth? What is a square? What does it mean and what is it used for? The neighborhood expresses itself in a thousand ways, in a thousand languages, trying to find the path that brings them closer to their desires, that manages to timidly fill the void in which they exist without losing their identity… In a society that ignores them and demands the same from them, they try to express themselves, to feel, to love, to suffer… They try to show that they matter and that they are part of the universe, trying not to die by drowning in the middle of the ocean, dancing on their raft in search of help… Dancing… But which way… The public spaces of the neighbourhood as a way of life, the squares as living elements in constant development.

The squares of Sant Marcel.lí, Sant Sebastià and del Rosari, as an open space to tell stories, to talk about the neighbourhood, the people… Youth as an intergenerational and integrating element.

Idea and direction: Jaume Ibáñez Espert

Dramaturgy: Jaume Ibáñez Espert