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Budapest Dance Theatre

May 19th / 12pm


Book your free ticket by sending an email to reservasfestival10sentidos@gmail.com

The piece was brought into existence by two main research themes: the investigation of boundary as a double edged phenomenon –security on one side and insecurity on the other side with its endless possibilities– and the exploration of those nonverbal tools that help evolve individual characters.

The infinite freedom beyond our own limits can revive the mind. Here we can re-interpret our thoughts, rules, conceptions. For some of us living boundless is convenient, for some of us it is insecure, for someone it is a possibility and there are those who don’t want to know about it.

“Mind is consciousness which has put on limitations. You are originally unlimited and perfect”. Sri Ramana Maharshi

Budapest Dance Theatre, one of the leading Hungarian contemporary dance companies, was founded by Bela Földi in 1991.

Since its establishment over the past 27 years the company has been acting in various festivals Europe-wide, for example in Italy, France, Russia, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, England, Germany, Austria and Poland. In the recent years we have been also to the overseas, in Réunion island and Mexico. We are constantly seeking for newer audiences world-wide.

You might be interested in the wide repertoire of Budapest Dance Theatre, which contains 10 different styles of pieces and 5 shows for children.

The company cooperated with famous choreographers such as Jiri Pokorny (NDT), Gustavo Ramirez (NDT), Fernando Troya (NDT), Joseph Tmim (Batsheva Dance Company).

Concept and direction: Boundless

Choreography: Péter Juhász

Dancers: dancers of Budapest Dance Theatre

Music:  montage

Production and distribution: Budapest Dance Theatre