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Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis
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#TerritorioChirbes Ese hombre tiene un mundo en su cabeza

Toni Tordera

May 5th, 20:00h

May 6th, 19:00h

Centre del Carme

The duration of the invisible talks about us.

If the pictorial object and the narrative word meet together (heterogeneous addition), a scenic body appears.

La Valldigna, Fez, Valverde de Burguillos, Dénia, Serra Segària… The attempt to fantasize about the territories of the internal travels of Rafael Chirbes – always inhabitant shelters- with the instrument of the pictorial work of an impassioned artist as Carmen Calvo. For the inquiry have been gathered actor, dramaturgs, another novelist, a creatives team, included a manager who considers himself a solitary stubborn man in charge of a project.

The invisible is not behind or inside of the apparent. The invisible is in the visible, in the broken and sliced in pieces reality. There is no other place for the invisible than the words and the objects that in their own skin are questioned, the one which produce shadows.

And the title: we believe – there is always the doubt, always – that we know what the world is (making a strange triad with the flesh and the demon), but still we know less what a head is. Someone said that the theatre is like a brain. We agree, if we don’t we describe the brain as a computer (a treasure for the cruel artificial intelligence) instead of a humid jungle full of contradictions, traps, noises and darkness.

With all this luggage we have been living for years. To explore the duration of the invisible in an active situation, before, during and after the performance.


It isn’t a pipe either. It is, or it wants to be, a reaction to what it is ignored or forgotten.

For instance, the hidden letters of the literature, of those, from their writing, who affirm that we are the grass on the cannibals’ feast who fund a silence based on the daily news’ roller coaster.

For example, the tenacious and magnificent work of the artist who with her painting on objects makes us speak about the silence, she unveils it and veils it again.

In Centre del Carme have found that necessary other side which with to start a dialogue, that interlocution that has believed in a project directed by a silenced voice and a pictorial constellation still rotating.

We are not a company. The precariousness is always above the theater; today, here, in what we are saying, with a new formula: so many stage creatives that try to make a living with different occupations. Suddenly, I discover that we are all together in a hive of artistic workers, from the last technician to the actors. It is a hive that goes a comes bringing different skills, trying to find unions.

The metaphor would be cheesy unless we do not think in the great innovator of the theatre, Maeterlinck, who shared his dramas of the silence with his passions for the bees. Also, unless we do not think in what apparently Einstein said, the end of the beasts (or the theatre) would mean the end of the planet.

Idea and Stage Management: Toni Tordera

Audiovisual and plastic work: Carmen Calvo

Text: Rafael Chirbes, Alfons Cervera, Juanjo Prats

Dramaturgy: Toni Tordera

Manager Assistant: Chus Moreno

Production Management: María José Mora

Performers: Enric Juezas, Juanjo Prats.

Music: Caldo (David Barberá)

Wardrobe: Teresa Juan

Lighting/Illumination: Pablo Fernández

Audiovisual Design: David Novella

Stage Space Design: Luis Crespo

Poster Authorship: Carmen Calvo

Press and Communication: María José Mora

Social Networks of the company: Teresa Juan