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Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis
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El amor está en el aire

Cañada Blanch Fundation

May 11th | 19:00h

Take part:

Juan Fermín Ordoño: Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery and Specialist in Clinical Neurophysiology. Head of the Clinical Neurophysiology Service-Sleep Unit of the Arnau de Vilanova Hospital.

Esther Alba Pagán: Degree in Geography and History, specializing in Art History, and PhD in Art History from the University of Valencia. Currently, Vice-Rector for Culture and Society at the University of Valencia.

Take part and moderate:

Marisol Salanova: Art critic and exhibition curator. With a degree in Philosophy, a master’s degree in Artistic Production, she has published numerous articles and essays, always from a feminist perspective.

The droplets suspended in the air by our breath terrify us in times of a coronavirus pandemic, turning the beautiful expression “Love is in the air” into a dubiously positive stimulus that belongs to the past. Yet there are many of us who refuse to do so, resilient people who believe that love is found in care, beyond any illness. Perhaps now is when we most need to verbalise love to our loved ones, instead of becoming the cold and distant society that individualism pushes us towards for the sake of survival. But the survival of our species is not feasible without social interaction, without mutual help and coexistence in community, in short, without elements such as affection and generosity.

In this meeting we will approach the evolution of love and the need to express it through the arts such as plastic arts, performance, dance and poetry from the perspective of history, philosophy and neuroscience. Why? Does it require an effort? What does it bring? Although it may surprise us, not everything in this life is about money, affection is what moves the world, even under a neoliberal capitalist system. From the beginning of time until now, love has been a fundamental issue throughout the historical alliances, encounters and misunderstandings that have led us to the geopolitical situation in which we find ourselves. Not always romantic love, of course, often love for such fickle concepts as homeland, brotherly love or love of fathers and mothers for children. We will take the opportunity to discuss and resolve scientific and historical doubts, sharing knowledge and impressions in a day that will not leave anyone indifferent.

_.Marisol Salanova