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Ulrico Eguizábal Catena & Julia Zac

Triple program: Javier J Hedrosa y Mauricio Pérez Fayos

Espacio Inastable

November 17th & 18th | 20:00h

“Bodies have become cyborgs, cybernetic organisms, hybrids, compounds of technical-organic incarnation and of textuality. The cyborg is text, machine, body and metaphor, all theorized and immersed in practice in terms of communications” (Haraway)

Julia Zac (Arg-Fr) and Ulrico Eguizábal Catena (Arg-Esp) have been working together since 2018 with the intention of developing productions whose main support is found in the body, dance and in the relationship with the new means of representation on the contemporary scene. Currently they have focused their research on the so-called “new technologies” and specifically on the question: How do technologies of everyday use affect the new bodies in the contemporary world?

They have designed the I-4 project, which consists of diverse searches and ways of approaching scenic creation, interweaving languages with artists such as Abel Iglesias (Cat) Paul Jean Robert (Fr) and Papagni Meca (Arg-Esp)

Idea, choreography and creation: Ulrico Eguizábal Catena + Julia Zac

Schenography: Abel Iglesias

Music: Paul Jean Robert

Costume design: Fede Pouso + Carolina Figueroa

Photo: Papagni Meca

Make-up and hair design: Marina Montero (FX) + Lorena Gálvez + Eleh Makeup

Graphic Design: Billy Petrone