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Perhaps Manifesto

Javier J Hedrosa

Triple programme: Ulrico Eguizábal Catena & Julia Zac y Mauricio Pérez Fayos

Espacio Inesteble

November 17th & 18th | 20:00h

Perhaps Manifesto is Javier J Hedrosa’s second solo. In it he connects the familiar memory around dance and the direct influences of American postmodern dance on his understanding of dance. This work touches on the absurd and frustration, the understanding and the question of identity: Where do we come from? What is our heritage in dance? Are we leaving a legacy or just reproducing models from the past?

Javier Hedrosa comes from a working family in which the artistic has practically no place. To the pioneers of post-modern dance, those who created the Judson Church Theater came from a Modern Dance that no longer represented them. Denial of their origins and dissent is the link between Javier and the fathers of the Judson Church.

In his creations, which sometimes are difficult to classify, he explores new languages, pushing the margins of dance and generating a fresh and risky style. He was once told that his pieces were “documentary dance-comedy”, a genre still to be discovered.

Idea & direction:  Javier J Hedrosa

Dramaturgy:  Javier J Hedrosa

Music: Audios de Javier Hedrosa y Elena Manzano

Ligthing: Miguel (Zas)

Audiovisual design: Javier J Hedrosa

Movement Accompaniment: Julia Irango

Production and Distribution: Andrea Dolz