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Recuperar a Goerlich

Edu Comelles

Sound Installation”site-specific”.

In 1931 Javier Goerlich, municipal architect of Valencia, encouraged the reform of the Townhall Square. This was formed by a central space elevated to which one could enter through some stairs with fountains. In the middle and surrounding an underground atrium, circled and with a central fountain, Goerlich thought about an unique space, isolated of the noise of the city which was thought to have the popular flower tents of the city.

The florist from the beginning oppose to the location and never accepted the place as of their own. After many years in conflict, this ones left definitely the place in 1944. Ten years later the reform was dismantled and any trace of the singular work of Goerlich was eliminated.

More than sixty years later, this sound installation tries to recover this polemic space from the hearing. A system of multichannel speakers situated in the exact position where was the atrium will draw the sound, the sound landscape of that singular space already gone, recovering it in an ephemeral and intangible way a invisible patrimony of the city.

Edu Comelles lives and works in Valencia, he is sound creator, music and cultural manager. His work has been seen and listened in art centres as the Reina Sofía in Madrid, LABoral in Gijón, Tabakalera in Donosti, Espai Rambleta, Bombas Gens in Valencia, Lo Pati in Amposta, CCCB, Caixaforum or Arts Santa Mónica in Barcelona, his hometown.

Comelles has published about 20 discographical works between own projects and collaborations with other formations, with companies as Spa.RK, Fluid Audio, Impulsive Habitat, Surrism, Mandorla… By his own or eith collaborations, he has performed in Sónar 2013, Mutek Barcelona, MUAC in Mexico DF, Escuchar in the MAMBA in Buenos Aires, among others.

Currently, Comelles is the commissioner of Arte Sonor y Músicas Experimentales in the Festival Ensems in Valencia. He has been commissioner in Espai Sonor in the EACC of Castellón between the years 2016 and 2017. In Valencia, between 2010 and 2014, he led the series of concerts of Herzios, Off_Herzios and La Gallera Suena programming concerts in different spaces and art galleries in Valencia in a constant way.

Concept: Edu Comelles