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Fil d’Arena

May 6th, 12:00h Barrio de Marxalenes

May 12th, 12:00h Plaza del Ayuntamiento

May 15th, 12:00h Barrio de El Cabañal

Fil d’Arena dansa-teatre opts for shaking the passivity of our occidental society. Salt is a multidisciplinary proposal, which varies between the boundaries of the theatre, the dance, the performance and the circus, where the extreme physical language of the performers and the images that are generated invites to reflect about the women role in the travel of the migration.

Salt is the second part of the trilogy Sal, work that talks about migration from different perspectives. The first one was La sal que ens ha partit , piece that talked about the migration crisis, in a global level and timeless. Meanwhile Salt refines the gaze making a direct reference to the refugees’ crisis in Europe and the role of the women in this process.

Fil d’Arena dansa-teatre was born in 2011, as a place where bring to life the concerns that we think as a collective.

We use the surname of danza teatro (dance theatre) because we are on the borders of both, although it is true that we are interested in every scenic practice as the music and the circus.

Our language is the movement and our tool is the body.

The company is formed by Irene Ballester, Isabel Abril, Clara Crespo, Roseta Plasencia. The collective creation is a mark that defines their work, in each of their creation processes the members put their best skills, artistic, personal and professional, to carry out the project.

Fil d’Arena tries to approach dance to all the publics and to connect with the society that is why they do social projects, communitary and interventions in public places and museums.

Since 2011 it has done 4 production, Café Sol, La consagración de la Primavera, La sal que ens ha partit and Salt.

Since 2015 the company has the support of the Institut Valencià de Cultura – Culturarts Teatre y Dansa and the Ayuntamiento de Valencia – Acción Cultural.

Idea and Stage Management: Fil d’Arena

Creators and Performers: Isabel Abril, Irene Ballester, Roseta Plasencia

Assistant choreographer: Roberto Olivan

Dramaturgy: Fil d’Arena

Music: Isabel Latorre

Wardrobe: Los Reyes del Mambo

Lighting/Illumination: Ximo Rojo

Audiovisual Design: Gema Iglesias

Stage Space Design: Fil d’Arena

Distribution: L’Estiba Cultural

Production: Clara Crespo

Press and Communication: L’Estiba Cultural

Company Web: www.fildarena.net

Social Networks of the company:

https://www.facebook.com/FilDarena/ https://imggra.com/tag/fildarena