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Concerts cicle

Amor Butano

Las Naves

May the 14th | 12:00h

Length: 30 minuts

Diego became interested in music at a very early age. He studied guitar for three years during high school due to his obsession with DOVER at the time. Then in his first year of university he signed up for piano lessons. He formed the band JESSICA & THE FLETCHERS at the end of 2012, where he played the guitar for the 18 months that the band lasted. While studying sound, in early 2018, he joined the band MALABBABBA as a producer, and in 2019 his Final Project Degree was the production of an EP by the band. Shortly after Raquel appears and they decide to form AMOR BUTANO.

Raquel was born in Vilareal. She learned to play the keyboard thanks to her mother, who, in her 50’s crisis, bought a Yamaha. She moved to Valencia, to the charismatic neighbourhood of Benimaclet, where she inevitably put down roots, falling in love with its character. Her interest in music grew exponentially and reached its peak when she met Diego. At that moment they thought of forming a band. They composed Beyond, a song that delved into the post-punk and new wave sound.

Sara began her musical adventures at an early age. At the age of 3, her parents enrolled her in music initiation at the Benimaclet Music School, and it was there that she continued her studies of solfège and violin until she was about 14 years old. She also played in the Benimaclet Orchestra for more than 5 years. Sara met Diego and Raquel and decided to join them at the end of 2019, and the group took shape and name. The name comes from a mother’s love story and a butane mishap Raquel had at her parents’ house.

The band’s first songs had a more punk and garage style. From there came Alicia, FAD and Des-cuento. In mid 2020 Diego made the base of Entropía, which was the germ of the current sound of the band. After that, the rest of the songs emerged: first came Butano y Amor, a mid-tempo song about friendship, then Redes, talking about the absurdity of networks, and finally Olimpiadas, about depression.

In January 2021 they released Entropía, single and videoclip (directed by Marcos Bodi), as well as being finalists in the Autoplacer Festival with the song. In June 2021 they released a cassette with the Jeanne d’Arc label called Benimaclet which compiles the 4 songs. To present it they released the music video of Butano y Amor directed by Javier Artigas.

They play with absurd lyrics, crazy metaphors to deal with complex themes, reflecting themselves in the mirror of their beloved MECANO. They allow themselves to be influenced by current dancefloor busting sounds such as Dua Lipa or THE WEEKND. And of course, by the neighbourhood where they live and love, Benimaclet.

Production and keyboards: Diego Ferrando

Keyboards and voice: Raquel Goterris:

Keyboards and voice:  Sara Alegre

Distribution and production: Elefant Records

Press and comunication: Elefant Records