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EYAS Dance Project


La Rambleta

May 10th | Doors opening 20:15h

Duration: 60 minutes

During the history of humanity, sexuality, gender and its expression have been intertwined, revealing their breadth and deep complexity. We are part of a biodiversity, where the multitude of colors, shapes and ways of inhabiting make up the beauty of being alive, where each being has potential freedom to express their essence, as a basic principle of being part of this planet.

However, This diversity of bodies, sexualities and ways of living have historically been annihilated by our patriarchal roots, generating structural violence, which trans people have suffered to a greater extent. A system of control of bodies and nature has been built for progress, reproduction and capitalist exploitation, annulling subjectivities, establishing rigid binaries, homogenizing affections and erasing people who exist outside of normative canons.

SENSUAL TEXION is an innovative multidisciplinary and immersive experience that revolves around dance, light art, fashion, drag and electronic music. It stars 3 trans performers from different backgrounds, a live DJ and an igneous staging. We break with the traditional concept of the passive public, to give way to an experimentation of participant observers included in the show as performative agents.

With this work we put the focus on empowerment, healing and the celebration of the honest and vulnerable connection with our own bodies in constant transformation. For this we act through an impressive rite through enjoyment, the ‘groove’ and internal fire. A sensual revolution of high frequency.


Company: EYAS Dance Project

Artistic Direction: Carlos González and Seth Buckley

Performers: Merce Matus, Raisha Cosima, Dylan Aranda González and Itxa Sai

Choreography: Carlos González and Seth Buckley in collaboration with the performers

Music: Itxa Sai / Another artists

Light Design: Radiante Lab (Manuel Conde)

Costumes design: JASANZO (Javier Muñoz) and Adrián Casani

Atrezzo: Mado Artesanía Textil (Adolfo Fernández and Mariel Laso)

Video recording: Fernando Moreno Martí

Photograpy: Laura Carrasco

Graphic Design: Itxa Sai

Audiovisual Production: EYAS Studio (Itxa Sai and Carlos González)

Distribution: Amarelo Distribución Escénica (Lilian Portela)

Production: Manu Lago

Counseling: Alexandro Cortés